Simplify Toll Reconciliation With TollMatch

TollMatch reconciles tolls from GPS tracks with toll invoices to optimize the accuracy and efficiency of the toll billing process

Automated toll reconciliation made easy

TollMatch is a real-time toll reconciliation system that automates the toll billing process, providing precise matching of toll transactions and reducing the likelihood of billing discrepancies

What TollMatch customers get


A simplified toll reconciliation process

TollMatchmakes toll reconciliation and billing effortless.
Here's how it works:


Streamlined toll management with innovative and customer-oriented features


Automated Reconciliation

Significantly reduce administrative workload by automating toll reconciliation with TollMatch

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Near-duplicate Payment Detection

Avoid billing discrepancies by detecting near-duplicate toll payments with TollMatch's intelligent algorithms

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Comprehensive Reporting

Get actionable insights to optimize fleet operations with detailed toll transaction reports generated by TollMatch

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Improved Customer Satisfaction

Enhance customer satisfaction and trust in your services by providing globe and efficient toll billing processes with TollMatch

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Pioneering technical capabilities for effortless toll reconciliation and integration


Advanced Data Analytics

Identify potential errors and mismatches with TollMatch's sophisticated data analytics algorithms

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Seamless Integration

Integrate TollMatch seamlessly with your existing fleet management system for easy toll transaction management

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Say goodbye to waiting for agency toll bills. With TollTally's powerful API, you can now instantly calculate toll bills by simply uploading GPS tracks. This solution is perfect for small and mid-sized operations, enabling you to efficiently manage toll expenses.


Download and integrate TollTally SDK to instantaneously calculate tolls for each GPS track in real-time. Track and monitor toll expenses for cost centers or individuals. Data remains local to you. Suitable for enterprises.

Web and Excel

Upload GPS tracks to your online dashboard to view on a map and download spreadsheet containing toll expenses. Take advantage of this versatile tool for toll billing, forecasting, and management, catering to businesses of all sizes.